FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about Cooking with Points?

Here are the top questions I get asked about the site:

What is Cooking with Points?

Cooking with Points is the lighter side of life from Dinner, then Dessert. On the main blog we cook with full fat ingredients, copious amounts of cheese and bacon and little thought to the point values of items. In reality we try to live by an 80/20 rule where we mostly eat cautiously and save the less healthy dishes for special occasions. That isn’t to say there aren’t healthy options on Dinner, then Dessert, it is just to say you’ll find only healthier options here.

Why not combine the recipes on one site?

This is the question I am asked the most. Literally every single person who knows about Cooking with Points asks. There are really two main reasons.

  1. When I’ve been on plan with Weight Watchers I like to live in a bubble where I get to choose from a list of delicious on plan recipes. I feel like as a reader if I was searching Dinner, then Dessert for a Kale Salad for example, I may come across a Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders recipe. While I’m an adult, and I should know better, now I would just want nothing but bacon wrapped chicken. It didn’t seem fair to readers to make them sort through mixed recipes.
  2. User Experience: Searching through points values, categories and menu structures would be a giant mess if I introduced points to recipes. Everything on Cooking with Points is designed to help you find on plan meals and snacks in the easiest possible way.

How do you calculate points?

The most accurate way is to log into your Weight Watchers account and use the recipe builder to add in the ingredients. Why? Because (especially now with the Freestyle plan) things like chicken breast are now free foods, but if you were to just count the calories of the dish for points calculations you’d find them to be completely off (and much higher as free foods wouldn’t be accounted for anymore).

So why have points calculators on your site?

This isn’t for your every day home cooked meals, I added the calculators to aid you in figuring out points when you’re out to eat! We aren’t given full recipes for meals we don’t cook, but armed with some data we can at least calculate a worst case scenario based strictly on the calories.

Can I send in recipe suggestions?

Yes, absolutely! Send them my way! contact @ cookingwithpoints.com

Why did you start Cooking with Points? Are you on Weight Watchers Sabrina?

I’ve been on Weight Watchers in the past and am currently cooking more and more WW friendly meals now. I love the program because it is mathematical which allows me to create any recipes I want and adjust them to work in the meal plan. Swapping ingredients for points is easy enough and I get to create flavors similar to those high pointed ones I’ve loved for years.

What kind of exercise do you like?

My husband and I are both big fans of our Peloton bike. Sorry Shannon Beador, our bike lets go when the ride is over! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are you a Weight Watchers Coach? Can I hire you to coach me?

Nooooooope. Nope nope nope. I am not on lifetime and not a coach.

So, do you sleep?

Also nope. I work some pretty long hours, but in as non-cheesy a way as I can get this point across, I LOVE sharing these recipes so the hours don’t bother me too much! Plus the constant stream of food keeps all the family and friends in my life pretty darn happy.

Can we work together and do some recipe development on a brand level?

Sure, let’s discuss and see if it is a good fit. Email me at contact @ cookingwithpoints.com